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US Green Building Council President, CEO and Founding Chair, RIck Fedrizzi announces a partnership with Adaptive Building Solutions to build a LEED certified orphanage and children's center in Port au Prince, Haiti during the closing ceremony at the 2010 Greenbuild International Expo in Chicago. Read more about the project.


Construction, General Contracting and Custom Building: we like to serve our clients through a "design and build" approach. We are widely recognized as a quality builder and remodeler that focuses attention to detail and craftsmanship. Every affordable green project starts with a good plan. Our customers are primarily interested in implementing various sustainable, green building features in their building project which we transform into the quality and style you would expect from a custom builder. Our goal is to deliver the best of both worlds between green building features and quality craftsmanship.


The US is at the technological center of the sustainable green building movement. Our experience with LEED and green building practices at home is allowing us to work on several international sustainable developments in Haiti and Mexico. In this capacity the client contracts with us to help integrate sustainable design and building practices with the architects and builders during the planning and development of a sustainable building project.

As LEED Project Managers we work on large projects that require a lengthy design and pre-construction planning process. With a team concept as our guide, we collaborate on projects from planning and initial concept through innovative architectural design, contract administration, accounting, and construction management. As the Project Managing Team, we work with planners, site designers, architects, engineers, subcontractors, builders, installers and landscape professionals.

Our customers benefit significantly from the expertise of a green building consultant. We would be pleased to meet with you to discuss in depth how we can offer on-site representation,communication, scheduling and progress reporting as well as expertise in design, construction and alternative energy to your project


With a family history of over ten years of service in Haiti, Adaptive Building Solutions owner, Mike Mahon and his wife Andrea founded a non-profit organization that renovates run-down orphanages called the Haiti Orphan Rescue Program, "Builders Helping Haiti's Kids". We identify a distressed orphanage, develop a customized sustainable renovation plan and then we implement corrective measures using local Haitian labor and materials suppliers to make improvements for the orphanage while providing jobs for local Haitians. You can visit the website at to see how HORP is making a difference one orphanage at a time.

Adaptive Building's work in Haiti was featured in the Ann Arbor News. Read the article here!

Meet Mike Mahon

Our expertise with green building practices, new technology and the green building certification process combined with a "lean" management approach makes us a very smart building solution for your investment in an energy efficient, sustainable building project. So the only question now is, "what shade of green is right for your project?" Call or e-mail us today.

Mike Mahon, CGP